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Crime writer Peter May in Oslo – Mollywood was there…

Peter May – the fine novelist & gentle personin Oslo with wife, screenwriter Janice Hally presents The Lewis Trilogy in Norwegian translationpublished by http://www.goliatforlag.no/

Posted by Jan Christian Mollestad on 25. september 2017

Mollywood’s report from Ingvar Moi’s exhibition «PORTRAITS OF 197 TREES» – Sept 2017

Kunsten å oppdage det vakre i hverdagslandskapet…Ingvar Moi: PORTRETT AV 197 TRÆR21. sept – 15. oktAsker Kunstforening https://www.askerkunst.no/ DEL GJERNE FILMEN!

Posted by Jan Christian Mollestad on 23. september 2017

Se filmen om Thor Furulund (1943-2016)

Meet our friend – the late, great painter Thor Furulund – who sadly died after an accident January 16th this year.
During the years 2006-7 we followed this great artist trough the process from empty canvas to exhibition. On the way Thor raps away on everything in life – even painting.
The film is nearly 10 years old – but you will have no problem feeling the joy this lover of life spread around him! How we miss you, DRUEMALER FURULUND!
Edit: Christian Starr-Lassen, Producer: Markus Mollestad Director/camera: Jan Christian Mollestad (23 min)


Pistolprotest fra Sam Asgari & One Take Band

Sam Asgari & The One Take Band skrev, øvde og spilte inn denne videoen på samme kveld – på ett take: Sam Asgari & The One Take Band: Ferguson, Norway

På youtube la de ved denne teksten: As police officer Darren Wilson walks after murdering unarmed teen Michael Brown, officers in Norway are handed out weapons in order to maintain peace and safety. The last thing we want is a Ferguson in Norway – NEI TIL GENERELL BEVÆPNING!