Mollywood Productions has for 20 years been a Norwegian film production company which has created approx. 20 feature films and a large number of shorter films, shown in cinemas and television in several countries.

Last year we were executive producers for Nick Broomfield’s documentary «Words of love: Marianne & Leonard» released in 2019.

We have just finished «The soul of Europe» – a celebration of Council of Europe’s fight in 70 years for Human Rights 1949-2019, with former Prime Minister of Norway and former Secretary General of COE, Thorbjørn Jagland, as our guide.

Currently we are working on the documentary ”A Weekend with Gore Vidal”, a conversation with the radical American author and screenwriter in his last years.

This Spring we release a twin feature of Broomfield’s film, where Marianne Ihlen is the main character – with focus on her life during, before and after her relationship with Leonard Cohen.

Under production: A WEEK-END WITH GORE VIDAL Close before Gore Vidal died, he visited his chosen home hilltop town Ravello on the coast of Italy for the last time. Mollywood met him there and spent a memorable weekend with this giant in USA’s politics and literature. We met an utterly  radical aristocrat, a formidable cynic – with a very short way from tears.  (45 min, release April 2020)  

Soon:     «SO LONG AGO, MARIANNE…»  Marianne Ihlen on her life with Leonard Cohen

«Can you bring the camera to the hospital tomorrow?   And could you please tell Leonard that I am dying?»

Marianne Ihlen, July 2016

In her last years, even in her last hours – Marianne worked on a film about her life and the difficult Art of living it… International release May 2020


Ask for the code to this film by Jan Christian Mollestad – jc@mollywood.no

A TWIN-FILM TO THE CLASSIC DOCUMENTARY BELOW THAT WE CO-PRODUCED WITH NICK BROMFIELD. In our new film, you will meet the magical Marianne herself in her early eighties – and in her way of re-telling her adventures, you immediately understand why not only Leonard Cohen fell under her spell…


Poster for Nick Broomfiled’s film – with Mollywood as contributors

Here is the first review of WORDS OF LOVE – by Steve Pond in The Wrap https://www.thewrap.com/marianne-leonard-film-review-leonard-cohen-muse-documentary-nick-broomfield-ihlen/

The official international trailer


Mollywood, 57 min, 2019, english

70 YEARS OLD – STILL UNKNOWN Churchill’s great idea after fighting Hitler’s nazism, of a COUNCIL OF EUROPE – an international court to help individual against their own government’s abuse of human rights – was created in 1949.

After 70 years this magnificent institution, serving 800 000 000 individuals in 49 countries is still growing in importance for our lives. BUT YET THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE IS QUITE UNKNOWN FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU.

That’s why Mollywood asked Thorbjørn Jagland, former Prime Minister of Norway and former leader of the Nobel Peace Prize committee who has served as Secretary General for COE in the last 10 years, to give us a basic introduction of an organization that every European should be proud to be a member of, before he is passing on this precious torch to Croatia’s Minister of Foreign affairs, Marija Burić .


Voice of Europe is a portrait of The Council of Europe – guarantee of the human rights for all 800 millions inhabitants in 47 member states – by its secretary general Thorbjørn Jagland.

5th of May 2019 it is exactly 70 years since the foundation.

Release of English version: Spring 2020 films:


”Sebastian 70 – The 22 Biggest hits” 2019 ”De 22 største sange – Sebastian 70 år”

Truls Øhra: «The History of Power» (Norwegian version) 2019

«The Poet André Bjerke 100 Year’s Celebration» 2018

”Council of Europe” 2017 – Norwegian version ”Europarådet – 70 år for Menneskerettighetene”

”The Filmscenario”  2017– DVD for Playground’s CD ”Tthe Dreamscenario” by Sebastian (DK)

”Our village Stabekk – a small part of Norway’s history” 2017 ”Stabekk – bit av Norgeshistorien”

”The World of Pushwagner” 2015 «Pushwagners verden – Dypdykk i Pushwagners liv og kunst”

”You must love your work! Ice Hockey Player Zuccarello” 2014 «Du må elske det du gjør”

«Bertel O Steen & Parkveien» 2014 – portrait of the first and largest car sale company

”You are not alone – meet Denmark’s Sebastian” 2013 «Du er ikke alene – filmen om Sebastian”

«The Wizard Axel Jensen» Part 1 «Ikaros» 2012,

Part 2: «Mother India» 2013 ”Trollmannen A J”

Wolfgang Plagge’s re-construction av Ole Bull’s unfinished Symphony

”The Mountains of Norway” 2012 – The National Broadcast Company’s Orchestra prémiere

”Stabæk Sports Club 100 Years” 2012 «Stabæk Idrettslag 100 år»

«Odd Reinsfelt – our Maire» 2012 Music video with the artist Only Egil

”Lilly (100) looks back” 2012 Lilly ser seg tilbake”

”Just a moment! ” 2011 Lige et Øyeblik – Portrait of Sebastian (DK) in record studio

”Sculptor Jørleif Uthaug – a Modern Classic” 2011

”Dylan Thomas – a friend of Sgt Pepper” 2010

”President of Parliament Jo Benkow – a boy from Stabekk” 2010 «Jo Benkow – en ekte Stabekkgutt» (prøveversjon)

”Your Blood has Pulsed against Mine” – The beautiful lovestory of Henrik Wergeland – the National Poet of Norway – and Amalie Bekkevold, 2008 «Din Puls har banket min imod» (7 hours +)

”Painter Henrik Sørensen & Holmsbo Colony of Artists” 2006 «Henrik Sørensen & Holmsbukolonien»

”Philosopher Arne Næss on Pedagogics” 2006 ”Det er noe der – Arne Næss om pedagogikk”

”Thor Furulund – A Painter of Grapes” 2005 «Druemaler Furulund»

”Creation” – The Astronomer & Philosopher Jeremi Wasiutynski (98) in dialogue with the Painter Frans Widerberg 2007 ”Skapelsen”

”A School for Integration” 2003 ”Innføringsklassen i Bærum – en skole for integrering”

”Pater Hoelscher – Norway’s St Francis of Assisi” 2004 «Pater Hölsher – Norges Frans av Assisi»

”Lisa Ekdahl & Salvadore Poe» 2002






















Member of the Stabekk Village Council from 2008

Co-founder of Voters for Stabekk Football Arena as Football Arena 2012

In preparation:

”Stabekk – Part 2” 2020

”A week end with Gore Vidal – USA’s radical aristocrat” 2020



Sam Asgari & Friends: Who’s Your Favorite Uncle I Don’t Know But Perhaps Not Maybe Uncle Frank

My boys Sam Asgari & Rafael Mollestad with the friends Felix Mæhlum, Peter Jussila, Erlend Seim Kjeken, Enrico Gabriele Cassina Wolff, Pasha Nadjafi made this album during last winter, spring & summer. I think it really deserves listeners, for it’s beauty & and fearless originality.
The record shops are disappearing in all countries – but facebook is one of the new ways to introduce listeners all over the world to new music.
Please share ON FACEBOOK!
Maybe a lonely heart out there is in need for exactly these melodies today.
(And the old gentleman on the picture is my father’s wonderful uncle Jørund in 1963 while he was visiting the home of his grandfather «Giant Joe».)

Jubilee: Ian Griffiths 60! Watch his personal portrait of Dylan Thomas: A friend of Sgt Pepper:

One poet we have found along the way is the incomparable welshman Ian Griffiths, a writer that brings Dylan Thomas’ love of life and humor in his view of life – se him reading two of his smash hits «Come with me to Wales» Ian Griffiths reads «Come home with me to Wales» and «So this is it»: Ian Griffiths reads «So this is it…»

Ian 230

And watch the biographical roadmovie «Dylan Thomas – a friend of Sgt Pepper»  (Mollywood 2009) when he interviews Dylan’s close friend Gwen Watkins, wife of late Vernon Watkins – Dylan’s hometown soulmate – still alive and kicking in her house at Mumbles in Swansea. Get a taste: Gwen Watlins on Dylan Thomas and Vernon Watkins, her late husband

DT med sig 220                 Sgt P 225

Films under production:

So long long long ago Marianne (exp release August 2014) Meet the sweet subject of Leonard Cohen’s everlasting song – on her way back to Hydra where Leonard and Marianne met over 50 years ago.   See the trailer  So long long long ago, Marianne

Marianne then, in 1960    Hydra sommeren 1958 Handler hos Katzikaz

And now, 2014:

EÅ 2012 7-2 00370409

Showing her paintings at the festival Et Årsverk 2013 (The >Fruits of this Year):


Weekend with Gore Vidal (exp release March 2015) Gore Vidal, nærbilde 2010 Gore Vidal (1925-2012) in his beloved Ravello, May 2010 In May 2010 we spent three days with USA’s grand old son Gore Vidal on his last visit to his Italian home town Ravello, high over the Amalfi coast. 30 years ago Norwegian writer Truls Øra met Gore through Frederico Fellini. The film we are putting together is of their last meeting containing deep conversations on all the things that really matters in life. (Hopefully ready March 2015.)